Igniting a Passion for People

Patrick grew up in a small family owned business, focused on residential construction and property management. He spent many summers with his grandfather watching the nuances of running a small business. Transitioning into food service in college, he quickly moved on to employee training coordinating and assistant management roles. His work at The 1927 Lake Lure Inn & Spa has been the greatest development of his professional career to date, moving from a server position in 2007 to management in 2009. He currently holds the title of “Ambassador” for the Inn, conducting front of house operations, managing weddings and special events, and local event functions.

Passion turns to Leadership

From a young age, Patrick’s passion for helping people resonated in his family and his community. Growing up in a small church in Greenville, South Carolina, there were many opportunities to serve. The International Mission Board was the springboard for missionary trips to Mexico (2000, 2001), Canada (2003), and a Three month mission outreach to mainland China (2004). His desire for community service lives on today with involvement at the Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber of Commerce and Hickory Nut Gorge Outreach,

A Message from the Heart

Folks will often ask: “why did you decide to run for office? Aren’t you already busy as it is?” The short answer is “yes, i am.” However, many of our town commissioners over the years, including current commissioners, hold full time careers, a home life, and conduct their responsibilities as commissioners and town representatives. We all lead busy lives, in one way or another. I find myself in the eyes of the public quite frequently. Whether it be at my workplace at the hotel/restaurant, chamber functions, or out in town talking with people, my front end service oriented career sometimes make me seem like the “busiest guy in town!”

I thought long and hard about this decision to run. This was a deeply personal decision to arrive upon, considering other involvements in other organizations around town. Some people have asked me if I was pressured into running for town commissioner. To that, I can unequivocally say no. I came to this decision through much thought, consideration of my personal life and professional career, and the advisement of some of my close esteemed friends and colleagues. Many people, including my superiors, were surprised to hear i had put my “name in the hat” for this year’s election. There has been much positive support of my run for commissioner, and I am eager to approach the unique challenges the Town faces alongside my fellow council members.

Changing The Course for my Future Growth

My time with the Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber of Commerce is drawing to a close as of November 1, 2019. After two, three-year terms, plus one additional year during our restructuring, the by-laws require i step down to make way for new leadership to join the board. I joined the Board of Directors in January 2013, as the chamber was just beginning it’s restructuring after the TDA and COC vacated the visitor’s center as joint partners. Working alongside my fellow board members over the years, we have created a newly resurgent chamber that is working for the community here, and is a vibrant part of our unique makeup here in Lake Lure. I still plan to volunteer some of my time for special projects, provide input, and maintain a strong relationship with our Chamber of Commerce. A partnership between the Chamber and our Town Operations is a positive step for both our residents and business owners here in the Gorge.

A Voice for our Residents – Transparency and Open Door Policy

I have an open door policy – reach out at any time with questions, comments, and to speak with me further. I am here to be a voice for the residents of ALL of Lake Lure – from the north beach, to the west end, to the south slope, to the eastern shore.