Commercial Lake Revenues

Big projects require continuous revenue streams to ensure their sustainability. Growth is available in this sector. As our lake becomes a more popular destination, more opportunities for commercial lake use from vacation rentals, fishing excursions, and guided tours will help fund our project needs.

Increase Our Tax Base

The last census population estimate for Lake Lure was 1,180. That’s a small residential population contributing to the tax base. We can grow our tax base by soliciting of new small businesses to our area. Controlled, strategic growth is the formula for success. We all have a desire for a more convenient lifestyle, and small business growth can be the catalyst to provide more tax revenue and better quality of life.

Developing Communities

There are many discussions regarding our downtown growth opportunities, and what that vision will entail. I am ideally positioned to help craft our Town Center Development. The Chimney Rock Park Ingress/Egress, development along the marina boardwalk, Morse Park Meadows revitalization, and flow of traffic along our main corridor will be ever present projects during my tenure. I can represent you in these forthcoming developments through relationship building and public and private partnerships.

Dirty Dancing and it’s Ties to Traffic

Connecting our communities is a continuous effort through policy, partnership, and relationship building. Through my experiences with the festival, I have seen how strategic planning for special events can make or break the traffic flow through town. One Road in, One Road Out! This experience will be a major asset in development and recommendation of the transportation plan with State DOT and other strategic partners.

Communications and Connections

Our lives are ever more connected to technology, the internet, and the information age. Working in partnership with our town leadership, I hope to improve cellular signal quality, availability of affordable internet, and increased reliability for our residents. We deserve consistent and reliable service for phone, internet, and electronic services.

A Voice for our Residents – Transparency and Open Door Policy

I have an open door policy – reach out at any time with questions, comments, and to speak with me further. I am here to be a voice for the residents of ALL of Lake Lure – from the north beach, to the west end, to the south slope, to the eastern shore.